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About Us

行政大樓 - Administrative building

Office of General Affairs can be said to be the chief mamager of the NTU campus. It provides the logistics support for the teaching and the research of our students and faculty. Its responsibilities range from as small as cleaning-up and recycling to as big as building constructions and equipment purchasing. Our mission is to take care of the lives of everyone here on campus, including 30 thousand students, more than a thousand faculty and staff, and all the citizens and servicing suppliers that visit our campus everyday.

Our NTU main campus alone is 110 hectares in area, which includes over 450 buildings, 40 hectares of grass land, and each and every kind of public facility. Thus, we have eight units working together to maintain such a massive facility. In March 2003, we were able to receive the Ministry of Economic Affairs Quality Management System Certification ISO9001 : 2000, and then passed the ISO 9001:2008 inspection in 2009, thus streamlining our administrative process and costs, controlling unnecessary expenditure, making the most effective use of administrative funds. In  the RenAi Road College of Medicine campus, there is a General Services Section servicing the faulty and students also.

Our quality policy is: Honest, Professional, Efficient, Innovative and Sustainability. If you have any suggestions or questions about the services of our office , you’re welcome to contact us at .