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All affairs related to parking management on the main campus of the university are processed by the Traffic Subsection of the General Service Division (Chinese Web). The office is located on the Ground Floor of the Administrative Building, Tel : 02-3366-2234 ~ 7.

Where to park and parking fee (cars and motorcycles)  (Chinese Web)


> Please keep your vehicles inside the grids as campus security will give tickets to all vehicles violating the traffic rules. You have to visit the campus security in person if your vehicle has been clamped (Ground Floor, Jan Shu Hall, Zhou-Shan Road).


> Please keep your bicycles ( including YouBike you rented ) in the grids or on the bicycle stands as violation of the parking rules is a serious offence and your bicycle will be towed away. If your bicycle has been towed away please enquire at the Bicycle Pound (Chinese Web) . TEL : 02-3366-9529. 


> For vehicle management on the campuses of the College of Medicine, and the College of Public Health, please consult the General Affairs Division of the College of Medicine (Chinese Web) .

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You can download and print out your billing statement onlineTuition & Fees Payment Invoice  .  

For rules concerning the printing of tuition and miscellaneous fees payment forms, credit fees payment forms, payment time, and refunds please refer to Cashier Division or the NTU Homepage【Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees (Chinese Web)】, or call at 02-33662016.

You can pay tuition at convenience stores without any service fees.

For questions about fees please consult respective business unit(Chinese Web) 

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Bulletin of checks not yet received (Cashier Division, Chinese web)

Notification System for Payments  (Chinese Web)

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NTU visitors have the choices of staying in Just Sleep @ NTU , NTU Hsiu Chi House , both are within walking distance to the Gongguan MRT Station. They are conveniently located within easy reach to other popular destinations and set in a beautiful environment. There are rooms in different prices and types for you to choose from. ( Click here to get more information for faculty dormitory ) . The GIS NTU Convention Center (Chinese Web) is located in the 2nd Student Activity Center and capable of hosting conferences for 50 to 400 people, it is conveniently located near the Gongguan MRT Station and our parking lot which is available for use.

The cafeteria run by the Office of General Affairs include : Xiao-Fu Commissary , shops nearby the Lu Ming Square , stores in the 2nd Student Activity Center , Living One Restaurant in the Ming-Da Hallshops nearby the Drunken Moon LakeCafetrouve in the New Moon Pavilion , and  Just Italian in Tsun-Hsien Hall , selection of Chinese cuisines, western light meals, western buffet, coffee and snacks, convenience stories, and fast food. ( Click here to get more information for other cafeteria ) (Chinese Web)

Furthermore, the NTU Souvenir Shop is located on the 2nd Student Activity Center (2F) and Xiao-Fu Commissary (3F)  , or get more info from website Easy Life at NTU.

Where is the shop ? The online campus map of NTU will help you !

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If you are in an emergency on campus , please call 02-33669110  by your cell phone to reach the Campus Security. You also can use the emergency telephones to find the support.

On-campus Emergency ( Campus Security 24HR ) (02)3366-9110
Student Emergency Assistance ( Student Safety Division 24HR ) (02)3366-9119
Security of College of Medical , College of Public Health  (02) 2321-7952
Health Center & campus ambulence(8:00~17:00)02-3366-9595


There are 37 emergency telephones with blue light located throughout the campus (Show map). Simply press the button to be connected to the Campus Security. State Call Box number and the cause of your emergency, your image and voice request will be transmitted to security. 

There are 59 Automated External Defibrillators (AED)  located throughout the campus (Show map).  Alarm will sound if the AED cabinet opened, and it will notice the Campus Security at the same time. Click here to get more info about  using an AED .

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Last update : 2016/9/10